Expats in Spain

I can assist expats worldwide in obtaining medical insurance in Spain and abroad. We provide Health Insurance Certificates for visa applications. Contracts can be processed online, and Sanitas offers instant support with English-speaking doctors and surgeons. All policy documents are available in your language.

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Advantages of healthcare protection

Your expat

As an expat, finding the right medical insurance can be daunting. I offer assistance worldwide to obtain coverage in Spain and abroad.

Your expat

If you need a Health Insurance Certificate for your Spanish visa application, I can provide it. Let me help you navigate the process.

Online contracts

No need to visit in person. Our contracts can be processed online. Sanitas is Spain's largest and fastest-growing medical insurance company.

I can help you to find your health insurance for expat

Assisting expats throughout the world to obtain medical insurance cover in Spain and abroad.

 We can provide Health Insurance Certificates for use with a visa applications for residence in Spain.

Contract can be processed on-line and we don’t require you to visit us.

Sanitas is Spain’s largest & fastest growing medical insurance company.

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